Road Stabilisation & Cement Roads 

Is your road in need of major repairs?  
Want a cost-effective, hard wearing and low-maintenance cement road that will last for up to 15 years or more? Give your road a new lease of life, with expert road stabilisation and repairs from RTW Road Restoration. We offer a cost-effective, lasting solution that’s ideal for all kinds of road surfaces, and perfect for everything from private roads and estate roads, to B roads on the public highway. 
Bring your roads back to their best, with expert road restoration services from RTW. Working across the UK on roads of all constructions and states of repair, we will provide a cost effective, high quality road that’s made to last. 

Farm Road Construction & Agricultural Road Repairs 

RTW Road Restoration specialise in supporting farmers and agricultural businesses – building, repairing and reshaping farm tracks, estate roads and rural roads for customers across the UK. We’re trusted by family farms, right up to some of the country’s largest landowners, including the MOD, Chatsworth Estate and Northumberland Estates – delivering high quality rural roads to fit every requirement. 

Case Studies For Road and Track Cement Stabilistation 

Before & After 

Before & After 

Before & After 

Our Road Repair Service 

Using the latest equipment and a proven system used on hundreds of roads across the UK, we will crush and loosen the existing surface, before adding a binding agent to the materials to strengthen it. After mixing the materials into the surface, we will then grade and camber the road, before sealing it to create a hardwearing road with your choice of finish. With a range of different strength and reinforcement options to suit your road material, traffic levels and drainage – the result is a road that’s perfectly designed to fit your requirements. Our Road Stabilisation service offers lower costs and a faster build when compared to tarmac and concrete – helping you to minimise disruption and save money on a proven, long-term solution. 

Track Repairs 

Smooth out potholes and bring old tracks back to life – with road reshaping from RTW Road Restoration. Recycling and reusing old road materials, it offers a quick, cost-effective alternative to full road stabilisation. 

Road Repairs 

Bring your old road back to its best, with expert road repairs and road stabilisation. Using a specialist process and the latest machinery, we crush the existing surface and add binding agents to create a hardwearing new cement road designed to last for 15 years or more. 

Farm Road Repairs 

RTW Road Restoration are agricultural road specialists – trusted by farmers and estate owners across the country to restore, repair and construct all kinds of farm tracks, farm roads and rural roads. 

New Road Construction 

Whatever you want from your new road, you can depend on RTW Road Restoration. Benefit from competitive prices, a responsive service and our excellent track record in delivering hardwearing roads to suit every requirement, in locations across the country. 

Sealed Decorative Finishes 

Make your road look better and last even longer, with sealed decorative finishes. We offer finishes in a range of stone colours to suit your requirements, suitable for reshaped, stabilised, repaired and newly constructed roads. 

Additional Services 

We offer a range of ancillary services designed to maximise the performance of your roads, including inserting drains (open, piped or French), clearing out cattle grids, and installing speed bumps. 

Farm Roads from RTW Road Restoration 

We offer a full range of road restoration services for farmers, including: 
Whatever your requirements, you will benefit from competitive pricing on high quality, long term solutions, designed to suit your vehicles, traffic levels and location. 

Contact Us 

For additional information on any of our road restoration services, or a free quote, please contact us today on 01748 517077 or by email 
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