Drainage and Speed Bumps 

Benefit from a range of ancillary support services designed to improve the performance of your roads, including inserting drains and installing speed bumps – available as an addition on all road reshaping, restoration and construction projects. 

Drainage Options 

Inadequate drainage is one of the leading causes of road damage. Prevent potholes forming and maximise the life of your road, with the right drainage solution from RTW Road Restoration. We offer a range of drainage solutions, including: 
Open drains 
French drains 
Piped drains 
We can also clean out old drains and silted up cattle grids as part of the project where required. 

Speed Bump Installation 

Slow traffic, prevent potholes forming and extend the life of your road with the right speed bumps. We can incorporate speed bumps into the surface as part of the restoration service, or add high performance rubber speed bumps to the surface following completion of the works. 

Contact Us 

For additional information on drainage and speed bumps, or a free, no obligation quote, please contact us today on 01748 517077 or by email info@rtwroadrestoration.co.uk 
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