Tar and Chippings in a Range of Colours 

Add the finishing touches to your road and give it a more aesthetically pleasing look, with sealed decorative finishes from RTW Road Restoration. In addition to improving the appearance of your road, tar and chipping provides an additional wearing course to the surface of the road, making it last longer. Our sealed decorative finishes are available as an additional service for all kinds of reshaped, repaired, stabilised and new roads. They can also be used to cover yard areas – and can be applied by hand in remote areas that cannot be accessed by machinery. 
Roller compacted concrete  
prepared for the  
surface dressing 
Deep Cement Stabilised material  
graded and heavy duty rolled in preparation for surface dressing 
Deep cement stabilised  
material ready for  
surface dressing 
Deep cement stabilised material  
in the process of being  
surface dressed. 
Application of surface dressing 
Completed surface dressing 
Completed surface dressing 

A Choice of Finishes 

We offer a selection of different stone colours. Choose from a selection of finishes to suit your preference and the surrounding environment, including: 
Red Chips 
Blue Chips 

Case Studies For Surface Dressing 

Before & After 


Contact Us 

For additional information on our sealed decorative finishes, or a free, no obligation quote, please contact us today on 01748 517077 or by email info@rtwroadrestoration.co.uk 
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