RTW Road Restoration Ltd "Restoring new life into your road"
RTW Road Restoration Ltd           "Restoring new life into your road"

Welcome to RTW Road Restoration Ltd based in North Yorkshire

Road Restoration / Reclamation Service, track repairs & new road construction


We are a family run business, situated in the North East, that was started up in 2004 with a background of road construction offering a specialised service in recycling road stone, installing new roads and road stabilisation. We currently do work for, Northumbrian water, Yorkshire water and the military of defence and regular work for a number of land agents that manage rural estates.


Our process is aimed at the middle ground between, filling a pothole with stone, and laying tarmac, so there is a cost effective process between the two as there is very little, or no option otherwise.


There have previously been few options for road repair between ineffectively filling potholes with stone and a costly full resurface using ready-mix concrete or tarmac, RTW Road Restoration however offers a cost effective, environmentally friendly process that fills that gap. Here at RTW road restoration, we offer a comprehensive road recycling, restoration and stabilisation service to the whole of the UK.


We use specialist equipment which allows us to recycle the existing surface material to create a new road; this reduces the amount of stone needing to be brought in and the amount of waste to be taken away, resulting in reduced costs and disruption for the client, with minimal environmental impact.


There are numerous options available allowing us to tailor our services according to the road in question. Each road is fully assessed and designed to ensure it fulfills the clients’ requirements and budget, whilst remaining in keeping with its surroundings. Services include, but are not limited to:


  • Surface Reshaping:  crushing existing road surface, grading and compacting.

  • Road stabilisation: crushing existing road surface and incorporating binding agents to create a harder wearing road, grading and compacting.

  • New road construction: utilising waste stone and rubble which can be crushed onsite, we can dig stone out of a quarry, lead to site and crush in-situ on the road area with or without incorporating binding agents as above, ideal for forest roads and agricultural use.

  • Sealed decorative finishes: tar and chipping in a range of finishes and colours can be added to either of the above processes for an additional wearing course and a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

  • Additional services: speed bumps and drainage can also be provided.


    Our surfacing solutions are suitable for almost all types of road surface and usage, from domestic vehicles to agricultural machinery and HGVs. Works undertaken include parking areas and yards, private roads to rural properties, forest roads, equestrian centre roads, site access, caravan parks, farm, field and cow tracks.  

    We are fully insured and have extensive experience in road restoration and reclamation. We perform regular quality control checks on both current and previous work – so you can enjoy both a smooth road and peace of mind.

    If you are looking for a particular service that we have not listed then please contact us today. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.



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