Scheme: Timber Extraction, Haul Road 
Client: Private Estate 
Process: Full Road Construction 
Date: February 2018 
Explanation of work completed:  
This project involved RTW Road Restoration ltd excavating an installing a new road through a mature woodland in preparation for the timber extraction by the client’s contractors. 
The road was set out by the client and any fallen timber was cleared before RTW commenced on site giving us a good clear area to work in without any obstructions or dangerous trees. All the excavated materials from the road and unsafe embankments remained on site to level the road base up before the new quarried stone was imported to build the road construction. 
Once the base of the road had been excavated, levelled and compacted quarried stone was imported starting with a capping layer of 6F5 at a depth of 200mm laid on to a teram membrane to stop subsoils pushing through the stone whilst constructing the road and when used by the client when extracting the timber. The road was then topped of with 100mm of type 1 quarried stone graded and rolled to disperse water of the road at the earliest opportunity to stop any washing out of the road. 
The length of the road was 920m x 3m width with three passing places and a couple of storage areas for the harvested timber to be stored ready for collection by the haulage contractor. and we laid 1,500 ton of 6F5 and 780 tons of type 1 to top the road of with. 
RTW Road Restoration ltd can offer this service for forestry tracks, farm tracks, cow tracks, Estate roads and tracks or residential properties. Please review our other case studies for more information on our other processes we can offer. 
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