RTW Road Restoration Ltd "Restoring new life into your road"
RTW Road Restoration Ltd           "Restoring new life into your road"

Road stabilisation

The life of a roadway can be considerably increased by incorporating binding agents such as cement powder into the existing road surface to create a harder wearing and more stable road that will withstand HGV’s, tractors and trailers etc. This recycling and restoration process is very cost effective as it reduces the need to import expensive new stone which means there is little waste to remove, keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum. It is also quick as there is no need to shutter the sides of the road, keeping disruption to the client at a minimum. If that isn’t enough, it requires little to no maintenance and works well in sensitive areas as the road pigment barely changes. All of this combined creates a more stabilised and long lasting road.

It is the perfect solution for heavily trafficked areas.




Using our specialist machinery, the existing road surface is crushed and loosened to a depth between 100mm and 250mm. Additional waste material can be crushed and added to the surface to build up the road where necessary. Please view the new road construction page for images of waste stone being crushed in situ to build roads up.






Adding binding agent

Next the binding agent is applied using a purpose built spreader which is calibrated to apply the correct amount of cement evenly over the full length of the road and mixed into the surface material to the correct depth using the crusher.

The professional operators then assess the surface and the binding agent to ensure that the correct volume of water is added to start the binding process.



At this stage fibers can be added to strengthen the new road when needed.





The road is graded several times with ‘V’ and single cambers depending on the surrounding area to divert rain water off the new road. This prevents potholes from forming, increasing the life and longevity of your new road.




The new road is then compacted with vibration plates which are used with the correct amount of water to seal the top of the road surface, giving you either a smooth, tampered or brushed finish. This is usually referred to as a power float finish.



Power float finish

We can finish the cement by using a power float to finish the road and leave a brushed, smooth or pan finish.

Tar and chip can be applied to the new road surface in a range of finishes for a more aesthetically pleasing look and an additional wearing course.  Please view our Sealed Decorative Finishes page for more information on this.

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