RTW Road Restoration Ltd "Restoring new life into your road"
RTW Road Restoration Ltd           "Restoring new life into your road"


Tired of driving on a rough road full of potholes? Fed up with filling them in for the rain to wash the loose stone away? Worried about the cost of a full road resurface? RTW road restoration offer a revolutionary way to have your road recycled and restored at a fraction of the cost.

Crushing the existing road material

This process utilises your existing road surface by digging down and crushing the material to the bottom of the potholes and track grooves at a depth between 100mm – 250mm leaving a type one road stone (50mm down to dust). Additional waste stone, such as builders rubble and breeze blocks, can be crushed and added to the road in situ to build up the road where necessary.


Our specialist machinery is capable of crushing all types of material; ranging from stone and old concrete to tarmac. Recycling your existing road eliminates the need to buy in new stone keeping costs down and reducing the carbon footprint leaving you with low maintenance costs.



The crushed material is then graded several times to create ‘V’ and single cambers which are set according to the lay of the surrounding ground. This diverts water to the sides of the road, helping to stop potholes forming and increasing the life of your road.




The surface is then compacted using vibration plates or a heavy vibration roller to compress the fine and larger stones together to create a smooth running road surface.


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